Expertise and Experience

Our experts are the best in the business

We run the wildlife control program for the entire Israeli Air Force. How many companies can say they manage wildlife for all of a country's Air Force? We also have the only ICAO listed expert on birdstrike issues. We are also on the board of directors for the International Birdstrike Committee and the Central and South American Birdstrike Committee.

Program Results

We use what works

The results of our program speak for themselves. Dramatic reductions in birdstrikes. Elimination of all medium and large-sized birds and wildlife on the airfield and within a 5-mile buffer zone from the perimeter fence. And most importantly, no seriously damaging birdstrikes at any of our airfields for more than 10 years.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

An environmentally-friendly solution

All harassment conducted by BCP personnel is non-lethal and conservation friendly. While avoiding detrimental impacts to the environment and public relations uproars due to the killing of wildlife, BCP's non-lethal harassment methods still manage to successfully prevent birdstrikes and reduce the overall risk of hazardous wildlife.

Professional Biologists

Expert ecologists for expert advice

All BCP wildlife biologists, at a minimum, have a Master's or PhD level of education and training in ecology and wildlife biology. BCP is comprised of professional biologists that can serve as expert consultants for the Air Force or airport officials on all aspects of wildlife control. They are not simply "bird chasers".

Overall Program Features

Comprehensive Wildlife Control Programs

Birdstrike Control Program provides complete wildlife and bird hazard control programs to airports, airbases, and other facilities around the world. BCP provides professional wildlife biologists, equipment, consulting services, and all the expertise, experience and tools needed for a complete wildlife control service.

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This contract has resulted in dramatic changes on the airfield far beyond what I thought was achievable. Safety as a whole has improved. Aircraft repair costs have decreased by 90%, there has been a 100% reduction of any situation requiring lethal control measures, and pyrotechnic usage is also down by 85%. MORE
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