• Automated scanning, target tracking, and real-time detections

    Our systems can scan the ground, the air, and anything in between. Automated tracking mode allows the user to track specified targets across the environment.

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  • “INTERCEPTOR” Bird Detection System makes the invisible visual

    Pharovision’s “Interceptor” bird detection system is a passive, electro-optical system giving automated day and night long-range bird detection and observation/investigation capabilities.

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  • “SENTINEL” F.O.D. detection systems for all your airfield needs

    Pharovision's “Sentinel” FOD detection system can cover all of your runways and taxiways... and can also be used for wildlife detection or perimeter security! content

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  • Pharovision’s “DRAGONFLY” UAV and Drone Detection System

    Based on hardware and algorithms that have been proven in operational use in both military and civilian applications, including both aerial and ground-based observations.

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  • Interceptor Bird Detection System Video

    On the sixth anniversary of the miraculous ditching of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River, the US Federal Aviation Administration and LaGuardia Airport trial a new avian infrared detection system designed to prevent a repeat of the birdstrike that brought down the Airbus A320 on departure less than 7 kilometers from the airport.


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Automated Detection

No other systems in the world allow for automated scanning and target acquisition. Only Pharovision's systems do not require user interaction in order to scan and detect targets.


Real-time Warnings

The physics of bird-detecting radars and the extreme limitations of their technology have prevented them from being utilized in a real-time manner. Interceptor is the only real-time warning system.


Manual Control

The automated scanning can be interrupted at any time and the system can be manually controlled (by a joystick or game controller) in order to investigate any detected targets or other areas of interest.


Passive System

Because our systems are completely passive, they cause no electromagnetic interference with other systems and do not require special certification or testing for use on an airfield environment.



“What You See is What You Get” Because Pharovision's payload output is primarily an enhanced visual view of targets, no formal training in system operation or a detailed background in data interpretation is necessary.


User Configurable

Scan parameters are flexible and controlled by the user and can be modified at will. Scans configurations can be changed for day/night, monthly, or seasonal variations as desired.


Ground, Water, and Aerial Targets

Pharovision payloads automatically detect objects in the air (birds, drones, etc), as well as targets on the ground or on water surfaces (deer, intruders, waterfowl, etc)


Permanent Digital Recording

System output is recorded digitally and can be replayed at any time like a home DVR or security system. Video clips or still images can be extracted for use by the end user.


If you would like to learn more about all of our payloads, you can download our client guide in its entirety.

Client Guide



Pharovision has a wide variety of payloads available to meet any potential need.


Pharovision's payloads are utilized all over the world, including the US and Israeli military.



Not only are there a wide variety of payloads, each payload can serve a multitude of functions.

Automated Wildlife Detection System

Automated Wildlife Detection System

Pharovision’s “INTERCEPTOR” bird detection system automatically detects individual birds and flocks of birds, day or night, using an infrared and electro-optical scanning payload, and advanced proprietary image-processing algorithms. Read More
FOD Detection Systems

FOD Detection Systems

Pharovision’s Sentinel" FOD detection system provides continuous scanning of airfield runway, taxiway, and other tarmac surfaces. Integrated multiple units can provide complete coverage of an entire airfield. Read More
UAV and Drone Detection System

UAV and Drone Detection System

Pharovision’s "Dragonfly" UAV and Drone detection system is based on hardware and algorithms that have been proven in operational use in both military and civilian applications, including both aerial and ground-based observations. Read More
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All Payloads Are AIP Funding Eligible

The extraordinary advantage of infrared/electro-optical systems is that all detections are displayed as true visual images of the targets themselves, not simply a dot on the screen.

Infrared Detections

An operator can easily assess the types, numbers, and locations (especially altitude) of detected targets.

Radar Detections

Radar systems require extensive training in order to understand the complex representative system of detected targets.

Ground and Aerial Targets

All of Pharovision’s detection systems can automatically detect aerial or ground targets. Additionally, each system is equipped with a modular high-powered CCD sensor, as well as the infrared payload, allowing for detection or observation in either mode. In automated scanning mode, all systems are capable of inspection of an infinite variety of areas located around the environment, including areas of dense vegetation and ground surfaces. Areas with excessive false alarm potential can be masked from automated detections.