Automated Wildlife Detection System

Pharovision’s “INTERCEPTOR” bird detection system automatically detects individual birds and flocks of birds, day or night, using an infrared and electro-optical scanning payload, and advanced proprietary image-processing algorithms. The auto-detection system is also capable of manual user control, allowing for enhanced observation, target tracking, and study of specific targets on a real-time basis.

System Features

Automated Detection | No other system in the world allows for automated scanning and target acquisition. Only Interceptor does not require user interaction in order to scan and detect targets.

Real-time Warnings | The physics of bird-detecting radars and the extreme limitations of their technology have prevented them from being utilized in a real-time manner. Interceptor is the only real-time warning system.

Manual Control | The automated scanning can be interrupted at any time and the system can be manually controlled (by a joystick or game controller) in order to investigate any detected targets or other areas of interest.

WYSIWYG | “What You See is What You Get”. Because INTERCEPTOR's output is primarily an enhanced visual view of targets, no formal training in system operation or a detailed background in data interpretation is necessary.

User Configurable | Scan parameters are flexible and controlled by the user and can be modified at will. Scans configurations can be changed for day/night, monthly, or seasonal variations as desired.

Passive System | Because INTERCEPTOR is completely passive, it causes no electromagnetic interference with other systems and does not require special certification or testing for use on an airfield environment.

Capable of Scanning Ground and Aerial Targets | INTERCEPTOR automatically detects birds utilizing the airspace around an airport, as well as birds and other wildlife (like deer, foxes, etc.) that may be on the airfield itself, whether on the ground or in the air.

Permanent Digital Recording | INTERCEPTOR’s output is recorded digitally and can be replayed at any time like a home DVR or security system, allowing for viewing of the system’s output exactly as if the user had been observing the images in real-time. Video clips or still images can be extracted for use by the end user. OpenCart Templates